Dealing with difficult moments

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Do you ever have moments that make you feel like you are just tired of everything? All of a sudden, all your focus is on all your failures, mistakes, problems, and it seems like you just can’t let go. You keep on having flashbacks and just wish that it was just a dream. You can go weeks and sometimes months feeling like everything is great and then out of nowhere, your mood changes. It’s like a switch was turned on and now you are going back to all the things you have been ignoring. You may call it a mental breakdown, emotional rollercoaster, grief, but the truth is, its all emotions and your experience. If you have pushed away or suppressed your feelings and emotions for a very long time then, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Think of yourself as a glass of water. When a glass is full, even just a drop of water can spill what’s already inside that glass. If you do not want it to spill then you have to let yourself feel the emotions, feel all the feelings that you may be avoiding, including pain, betrayal, sadness, loneliness, just the way you let yourself feel love.

The key here is to not just allow yourself to feel but also understand why you feel the way you do. You may find yourself being critical or judgmental of yourself for feeling the way you do. If you do find yourself being critical then try to reinforce positive thoughts. Tell yourself that you have every right to feel the way you do. You have every right to be tired, to feel like everything is too much, to want to push a pause button and be able to take a break. But, what you also have to tell yourself is that after you allow yourself to feel all these emotions, you will pull yourself back together and you will work on bettering things so you don’t feel that way tomorrow or the next day. You will have your ups and downs but you have got to keep going.

You have to be there for yourself because the truth is, nobody else will. Nobody else can read your mind, your thoughts, your emotions but, you can. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that they are there for you, be there for yourself. Someone betrayed you in life? Don’t do the same thing to yourself. Someone didn’t give you the love you deserved? Give that love and care to yourself. Someone didn’t give you the respect you expected to get in return? Make sure you respect yourself enough to walk away from people like that. Someone doesn’t appreciate your input or does not take it into consideration? Make sure to not do the same thing to others and most importantly to yourself. Don’t dismiss your emotions, validate them as much as you seek validations from others, even though you should not.

Difficult moments are not just sad moments. They teach us how to survive on our own, how much we are blessed with, how we can be strong. Most importantly, difficult moments remind us of how much we are capable of and how far we have come. It is in these moments that we are reminded that this is life and nothing is ever perfect but also that nothing stays the same. Remember after a thunderstorm and rain, there is always a rainbow.

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