We all have an inner voice that tells us that we may not be good enough, we are reaching too high, we are doing something wrong or could be doing much better etc. When you catch yourself with those thoughts, it’s important to realize that it is okay that you think that way as long as you catch yourself doing that. The best way for one to build his or her confidence is to build competence. Becoming good in something and nurture it as much as you can. Understand what makes you less confident. For instance, if you feel not so confident speaking in public or in front of people then you may want to keep on practicing to improve that confidence. Repetition is the key so its important that you keep on trying despite however you may be feeling. You just have to learn to break the cycle of feeling nervous. You won’t automatically start feeling confident but over time you will start to feel more at ease.

Make a to-do list that will help you build the level of confidence you want to achieve. In order to create that to-do list, you first have to understand what is holding you back. Then create an accomplished list and every time you accomplish something on that list, reward yourself with something. Often times we wait for others to recognize our accomplishments but if that would be the case then people around us may never even notice our smallest accomplishments. However, that is not the point, the point is that you have to be your own cheering squad. Recognize your accomplishments and setbacks. Take a moment to reflect on what you can do or change to succeed. If you fail then don’t be discouraged, take a step back and reevaluate what you can do better to ensure that you succeed the next time you try again.

As you keep on giving yourself chances, you will notice your level of confidence rise. Something to keep in mind is that there may be days when you will feel discouraged. On those days, take out that accomplishment list, think of all the obstacles you have overcome, and how far you have come. Don’t let that inner negative voice to take over. Practice speaking positively to yourself and being optimistic no matter what and eventually you will reach the level of confidence that you will be happy with.

Good luck!

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